Adding a RSS Item


  1. Log in as an administrator and click the “Admin” link in the top navigation

  2. Click the “RSS Feed” link in the side navigation.


There are two required fields for a new item, title and URL. The “title” generally represents the name of the page or website depending on what you are linking to.

The “URL” would be the link you are want users to subscribe, for example to link to a page or area currently on the website, “right-click” the link, and either select “Copy link location” for Firefox or “Copy Shortcut” for Internet Explorer, and paste that in the “URL” textbox.

The next field, “Description”, is not a required field, but may be useful to describe what your feed item is about.

Once you have entered in your item content, click the “Save Link” button to save your item.

After an item as been added, you can view all the items entered under the box labeled “RSS Items”.

Here you are able to edit, delete, and re-order your items. To re-order your items, click the “Save Order” button.

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