The first step in changing your website, is logging into the administrative end. This is where you will be able to add new information as well as manage the existing information.

To log into the administrative side, you will need to open a Web browser and go to your website. Scroll to the bottom of the website and in the bottom right hand corner click the “Login” link.

On the page you should see a login box, looking like this.

You have the option to put in your username and password. Once those are both typed in you can click the “Login” button login to the website.

Username and Password

If you can’t remember your username or password, click the link below to retrieve your username and password.

Enter in the email associated with your account and click “Send”. if your account does not have an email associated with it, you will need to contact your website administrator.

Remember to keep your password private. Keeping your password private ensures that unexpected changes won’t be made to your website.

Un-Admin and Logout


To switch between administration and non-administration view, simply click the “Un-Admin” link which is located at the bottom right of the website. Clicking “Un-Admin” will let you view the changes you have made as a normal user without having to logout and log back in. To return to the administration view click the “Admin” link which is located at the bottom right of the website.


To logout of administration, simply click “Log Out” link which is located in the top navigation bar or at the bottom right of the website.


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