Standard Content

The “Standard Content” module is the most flexible tool your website has to offer. With this module you can have your content laid out in a variety of ways. Although this module is the most verbose, it is also the easiest module to understand. Use this module to display image and text, or to upload files.

To create a “Standard Content” page, you must first create a new subsection using the “Standard Content” module. To learn how to create subsections please refer to the “Subsection” section. If you need assistance with adding content to this module, please refer to the “Adding Blocks of Information” section.

*Note: When adding content to standard content, there are two content boxes. The first one is pockets, and the second is standard content. So remember when adding content to standard content that you will need to go to the second box, otherwise the information will be entered into pockets.

How to Add Content in Standard Content module.


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