Adding Blocks of Information

Before you can add a block of information you will need to create a page to add information to. If you are unfamiliar with adding pages please refer to the “Subsections” part of the manual. A block of information refers to a group of information that you have created using text, image, and file or all of the above. With most of the modules you are able to add more than one block of information.

For the purposes of this example we will be using the “Standard Content” module which is a basic text and image layout. To learn more about the “Standard Content” module please refer to the “Standard Content” section of the manual.

Adding Text

To learn how to add text, click Read More.

Adding Code

To learn how to add code, click Read More.

Adding Images

To learn how to add images, click Read More.

Adding Files

To learn how to add files, click Read More.

Adding Videos

To learn how to add video, click Read More.

Adding Links

To learn how to add links, click Read More.

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