SubMenu Snippets

A snippet is an image, video, or a bit of code (such as javascript or iframe) that is displayed beneath the side menu navigation. This is a great area to place ads, weather, or specials.

Adding a Snippet

  1. Log in as an administrator and click the “Admin” link in the top navigation
  2. Click the “SubMenu Snippet” link in the side menu under the Additional Tools section.
  1. Scroll to the box labeled “Snippet > Add”.
  2. There are two fields, content and code. In the content box enter basic text or links, and in the javascript code box you can paste javascript or iframe code for things such as widgets from weather, facebook, twitter etc.
  3. The recommended width for widgets, images, and videos is 140px. Larger widths will create inconsistent results.
  4. To add an image, file, or video refer to that section of the manual.
  5. Click “Save Snippet”

Managing a Snippet

To edit, delete, or re-order a snippet, navigate to the box labeled “Snippets”. Click the corresponding link to edit or delete the snippet. To re-order the snippet, change the order number and click “Save Order”.

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