Image Resizing Tool

The “Image Resizing Tool” was created to facilitate the ability to resize images without having to use imaging software. The smaller image size will allow you to upload your images to the website with more ease.

To view the “Image Resizing Tool”, please follow the following steps.

  1. Click the “Admin” link in the top navigation.

  2. Click the “Image Tool” link in the side navigation.

You should be able to see something like what’s shown below.

Before you can resize your image, you will need to select the image size you would like to resize it to, and select your image.

From the “Image Size” drop down, you can either select “800 x 600” or “640 x 400”. The smaller the size, the smaller the file size will be.

Next, select your image by clicking the “Browse” button and selecting the image from your computer. Keep in mind that your image must be in the correct format and under 2MB in size. Also note that the resized image will have the same name as the image you upload, so make sure you do not overwrite your original file.

When you have selected your image, click the “Resize Image” button. A pop up box will appear and prompt you to open or save your image. We recommend that you click the “save” option.

If you have any problems resizing images, please contact Techweavers Inc.

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