An “area” is much like a folder in that it holds subsections (pages). Areas will also be your primary navigation.


Bandwidth is the amount of data transferred by your website. For example, if you have a 50kb file on your website and 100 people download it the total bandwidth would be 5000kb (100x50kb)


When using the image upload tool, you will have the option to make an image “expandable”. When an image is made expandable it will be enlarged and opened in a new window when it is clicked on.


A “folder” is a directory, usually on a computer, that contains files.


Hits are counted when a website receives a request for any image, file or page. It is sometime assumed that “hits” are unique visitors, but that is not the case. Five million hits could result in only one hundred unique visitors. To get a more accurate count on visitors at your site, see the unique visitor’s statistic.

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