Subsections (Pages)

Subsections are the pages that you put your information on. They are held within your areas. Think of an area much like a folder and a subsection as a page that you would put into that folder. You will need to create subsections in order to add new content.

To add a subsection, please use the following steps.


  1. Click on the “Admin” link in the top navigation.

  2. Click on the “Page” link in the side navigation.



  1. Create a name for the subsection (page).

  2. Using the drop down, choose which area you want the subsection in. Choose your page type. There are two different ways to create pages. The first and most common way is to create a page with one of the modules. To use this method, click the first option. Below you should now be able to see a list of available module page types.


Select the module type you would like.The second option is to create a page that links to another page or website. To choose this option, click the second radio option. Below you should see the link option.

The last option is to create a page as a label which means no link or module will be attached to it, this is often used when you would like to have a heading.

  1. Click the “Save” button.

You should now see a box that says your page has been successfully added and you can edit it by following the link. To learn how to add content please refer to the “Adding Blocks of Information” section of the manual.


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