User Profile

User profiles makes its easy to manage users because users can now manage their own information which includes passwords, names, and images. User profiles are available to all users that are not administrators.

Edit Profile

To edit user profile, login to the website. Once logged in click on the “User profile” link in the top navigation.

The only required field is username and the rest are optional. The display name field is for use with the forums and blog modules, if a display name is not specified username will be displayed. If you would like to retrieve your password if lost, make sure you enter a valid email address. To upload an image click browse to select the image. The maximum dimensions for the profile image is 100 pixels wide by 100 pixel high. Images have a maximum file size of 600kb. Click “Save” to save profile.


Change Password

To change your password, click “Change Password” located on the side navigation under the “Edit Profile” page.

Al fields are required to change the password. First enter in the current password, then enter the new password twice. “Click Save.”

If you have forgotten your password and would like to retrieve it, refer to the login section.

How to Hide

User profiles can be hidden or un-hidden based on groups in the permissions area. By default when a group is created the profiles will be viewable.

For more information about how to hide or un-hide refer to the permissions section of the manual.

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