Information Modules

There are several different ways to display content on the website. We do this with something called “Information Modules”. You can do almost anything with the “Standard Content” module but the others can make things easier to display certain content. The other types of information modules have more specific functions.

When creating a subsection, you will either create a page with one of the many modules or as a link to another website. To learn more about subsections please refer to the “Area” or “Subsections” portion of the manual.

To learn more about each information modules please refer to the specific module in the manual.

- Standard Content
- Image Gallery
- Email Form
- Realty Listing
- Product Listing
- Events Calendar
- Mini Calendar
- Directory Listing
- Blog

- Links Directory

- Discussion Forum*
- Article Manager
- Votes & Polls
- Guestbook
- Advertisement
- PayPal
- RSS Feed Viewer

- Survey
- Video Gallery

*Discussion Forums are only available with user management. Please see the “User Management” section for more information.

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