Office Management Utility

The Techweavers Office Management Utility is additional tool that is added to your website when you have “User Management”. To learn more about User Management please visit the User Managment area. This tool is a great way to manage or organize your business and office. With this utility you have the ability to manage phone calls, events, tasks, and files all in one location. One of the best features of the office management utility is that you are able to access it from anywhere that has an internet connection. This makes it easy to check in when you are out of office or even out of town.

Just like the website, each page is managed in a module. The only difference is that you are unable to rename the page names, rearrange the pages, and add more than one type of module. If you would like to remove any of the office modules from the office, you are able to do so through the user management facility. For more information on adding and removing pages, please refer to the “Permissions” section of the user management area.

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