Adding an Event

To add an event, scroll below to the box labeled “Mini Calendar > Add Event”.

There are four fields you will need to fill out. The first field is the “Description”. This is where you would put details about the event that is going to occur. Next is the “Day Start”. To select a date other than the current date, click the calendar icon that is next to the “Day” input box. A new window of a calendar will pop up.

To choose a different month or year, you can select from the available dropdowns. To select the day, click on the day you would like. The third field is the “Day End”. To select a date other than the current date, click the calendar icon beside the input box. Keep in mind when selecting your end date, that it must be in the future, and the maximum span between your start date and end date is 30 days. If you enter a date that spans more than 30 days, it will not be guaranteed to function properly.

The last field is the “Time Range” this is where you would select the start time and end time from. The day and time entered must occur in the future in order to work correctly. Note that the hour dropdown box is in 24 hour format, but when displayed on the front of your website it will display as 12 hour format. If you don’t have a specific time or would like to hide the time range, check the “Don’t display time” box. Next is the repeat, the event can be repeated daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Keep in mind that the end date should reflect the selection. To add a file, click the “File” tab to expand the file options. For more information about adding files, please refer to the “Adding Files” portion of the manual. Click “Save Event” to add your event.

After your event has been added you should be able to see the day that the event is on turn to a link. Also, if you click on the month link, all the events within the month will display. To switch to a different month click the “<<” link or the “>>” link.

To edit or delete the event, simply click the date or month that the event is under, and then click the edit or delete link on the bottom right corner.

To view your events, log out of administration and navigate to the page that has the “Mini Calendar” module. If you have entered a page introduction, the text will display to the left of the calendar, otherwise the calendar will be centered.

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