Page Introduction

To add an optional “Page Introduction”, navigate to the page that is using the “Blog” module and go to the box labeled “Blog >Page Introduction” which will be located at the top of the page.

Notice there are additional options to the blog introduction, which are “Entries per page”, “Share as link”, “RSS Feed”, “Voting”, and “Email Comments”.

The “Entries per page” option enables paging, so if you entered “5” that would mean five blog entries per page. To disable the paging feature you just need to fill the field with a “0”. On the front end of your website at the bottom of the blog page on your website it would display how many pages there are.

The “Share as Link” option allows you to share the blog entry with using facebook, twitter, bookmarks, etc. By default, “Share as Link” will be enabled.

The “RSS Feed” option allows you to create a feed that users can subscribe to get your blog posts. New blog posts will be automatically added to the feed when enabled. To subscribe, users can click the rss feed icon which will be located under the page introduction of your blog.

The “Voting” feature allows you to add like and dislike icons at the bottom of your blog. A user can then vote whether they like or dislike the post and it will keep track of the number. A user can only vote once every 24 hours.

The “Email Comments” allows you to enter in a email address that will notify you each time a new comment is added.

To add an image, click the “Image” tab to expand the image options. For more information on adding images, refer to the “Adding Images” portion of the manual.

To add a file, click the “File” tab to expand the file options. For more information about adding files, please refer to the “Adding Files” portion of the manual.

When you have entered your introduction, click the “Save” button.


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