Adding a Blog Entry

To create a new blog entry, scroll down the page to the box labeled “Blog > Add”.

Adding a new blog entry is similar to the “Standard Content” module, except with an additional field of “Title”, which is a required field. The title generally contains a brief title to describe what your entry is about.

The next step is to add your blog content. This is the content that the visitor will see under the blog title. To add an image or file, click the “Image” of “File” tab. To learn more about adding content, images or files, refer to the “Adding Blocks of Information”. When your entry is completed, click the “Save” button.

After your blog entries have been added you will be able to view and manage the current entries under the box labeled “Blog Entries”.

To edit or delete a blog entry, click the “Edit Blog Entry” or “Delete Blog Entry” link located below the entry. As you can see there is no order box, this is because the blog entries are ordered by the date that the post was created.

Notice below the blog entry there is a line. Beneath the line is information about the blog entry. This includes who it was posted by, when it was posted, and how many comments there are. Visitors are able to post comments from the front end of your website without a user login, similar to the guestbook module. If you would like to remove any comments that visitors have posted, you can do that by clicking the “Edit Blog Comments” link under the specific entry,

To delete a comment, click the “Delete Comment” link on the right side. You will be prompted to confirm the delete.

To view your blog entries, log out of the administration and navigate to the page that you added the “Blog” module to. It should look similar to the example below:

The full blog content will not be displayed on the main blog page. Only the first two hundred characters of the content will be shown, along with the image. To view the full blog entry, click the “Read More” link. Also note that any files uploaded will only show when you click the “Read More” link, as shown below.

Notice that if there are any comments, they will be displayed below the blog entry content. Below the comments, there will be a comment form where visitors are able to post comments.

There are three required fields the visitor will need to complete before they can add a comment: “Name”, “Comments”, and “Verify”. Just like the email form page, the verification box is added for your protection. To add a comment, fill out the required fields and then click the “Add Comment” button.

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